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Elec Eltek (Thailand) was established in 1987. As Elec & Eltek's first overseas PCB manufacturer, Elec & Eltek Thailand aims to expand its foreign markets, especially in the ASEAN region. After nearly 24 years of operation, Elec Eltek (Thailand) is now recognized as a leading PCB manufacturer in Thailand.

Elec Anda (Thailand) covers a floor area of approximately 33,892 square meters and produces up to 12 layers of printed wiring boards, with a monthly production capacity of about 840,000 square feet.


Backed by Elec & Eltek Thailand's highly trained staff and experienced management team, Elec & Eltek Thailand is able to implement Total Quality Management (TQM) at all levels of the company.

The company obtained lSO9001:2010 in 2008 and ISO14001:2004 in 2005 for its environmental management, and ISO/TS16949:2010 in 2009 with automotive quality system certification.

In addition, since 2007, the company has fulfilled the requirements of corporate social responsibility in Thailand, so Elec Eltek (Thailand) has been awarded the Thai Labor Standard TLS8001-2003 Certificate of Completion issued by the Labor Protection and Welfare Bureau.


Elec & Eltek Thailand's quality performance is due to its sister company, Pacific Insulating Materials (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (PIM), which provides a stable supply of the main materials for printed circuit boards, namely prepreg and copper clad laminates, providing Elec (Thailand) with competitive costs.


For the computer and peripheral markets, automotive, communication equipment, instruments and equipment markets, Thailand Elec & Eltek  geographical and cost advantages, coupled with services that closely follow customer needs, make it the ideal partner for customers in Southeast Asia.

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