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KaiPing Elec & Eltek Company Limited. was established in 1992 and is the first domestic enterprise of Elec & Eltek Group. Its business mainly produces high-precision interconnect manufacturing printed circuit boards (HDI). In the past few decades, from the 2G era to the 5G era, Kaiping Elec & Eltek has become one of the world's largest production scale circuit board enterprises by leveraging advanced technology to enter the industrial chain of communication base stations, smartphones, smart cars, medical equipment, and other industries.
The unremitting adherence to cutting-edge technology is an important manifestation of Kaiping Elec & Eltek's forward-looking industrial planning vision. The communication industry is one of the industries with the fastest technological update and iteration speed. Faced with fierce market competition, Kaiping Yilianda has continuously increased investment in talent and technological transformation for decades, ensuring that its production process always stays at the forefront of the industry——
In 1997, in order to meet the growing demand for multi-layer and high-end printed circuit boards, Kaiping Elec & Eltek built an additional production plant for the outer layer of printed circuit boards to expand production capacity. Three years later, the company invested again in the construction of a cutting-edge laser technology micro guide hole printed circuit board production plant to cater to the HDI market and the development of high-density target interconnection technology communication. In 2009, the largest HDI center in the province built by Kaiping Yilianda was officially put into operation, further expanding the HDI circuit board business
For decades, Kaiping Elec & Eltek has continuously increased its investment in talent and technological innovation, ensuring that its production process remains at the forefront of the industry. Data shows that the company has obtained 3 invention patents, 44 utility model patent authorizations, and 22 software copyright registrations. Relying on advanced equipment and technology, the printed circuit boards developed and manufactured by the company have been widely recognized in the industry, and their products are exported to Europe, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, and North America.

Quality and Environmental System

In terms of quality certification, Kaiping Elec & Eltek has obtained certifications of 1S0 9001, 1SO/TS16949, and ISO 45001. In addition, Kaiping Elec & Eltek is also committed to environmental protection, leading green manufacturing, and obtaining 1SO 14001 certification.

Product and Quality Safety

Kaiping Elec & Eltek actively cooperates with government policies on product safety and environmental protection, and actively obtains certification for various product labels. Our company has established various quality standards, from incoming material inspection to packaging and shipping, with specialized quality standard guidance. Before all finished products are shipped, our relevant personnel will conduct quality inspections to prevent the occurrence of non-conforming products and ensure that product specifications are consistent with customer requirements. We hope to implement our company's quality goal of "doing well the first time" through continuous improvement and comprehensive quality management. We will also arrange regular training and evaluation for employees from the quality inspection and production departments. To promote employees' understanding of the quality requirements of the product manufacturing process, master their quality management capabilities, and ensure that their knowledge and skills can meet the constantly increasing quality requirements, maintaining business performance and product quality. All production areas of Kaiping Elec & Eltek have passed the IS09001 and IATF16949 quality management system certification and have been awarded certificates.

Environmental Policy

In order to protect the environment and continuously improve the behavior that affects the environment in PCB business activities, ELec & Eltek has formulated this policy. The company implements a complete environmental management system to cultivate the employee culture of Elec & Eltek, and the specific measures are as follows: 

•Comply with all relevant international and national laws and regulations, as well as other signed regulations related to production activities and products; 

•Identify, monitor, and continuously improve environmental impact factors; 

•Preventing pollution and protecting natural resources; 

•Improve the environmental capabilities of all employees; 

•Collaborate with stakeholders to study all issues related to the environment.  
In response to global climate change, Kaiping Elec&Eltek has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and striving to achieve the global temperature control target of 1.5 ℃.

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